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Our founders Eric and Catherine are very passionate to bring peace and happiness to everyone around them. They life has taken them for a journey with ups and downs, that includes moving away from family, dealing with challenges they had on the way, but no matter what they are moving on and trying they best for the sake of just proof to themselves that no matter what they can do it.

What is main purpose of Sotenote:

- provide motivational t-shirts, jackets, hats, caps, homeware, accessories;

- explore new ways of showing people how to achieve goals;

- help people to find something new;

- all our thoughts are noted in the clothing and accessories products.

SOTENOTE is result of they creativity and passion.  We hope you will like our collections and designs.

SOTENOTE is part of Avanesov Family Group.


Avanesov Family Group is a group of companies with subsidiaries in Europe and Central Asia.

Group's operations include:

1. Fashion (worldwide coverage)

2. Retail (worldwide coverage)

3. Restaurants

4. Consulting

5. Beverage import

Avanesov Family Group main goal is to ensure we provide best products and services to our customers and allow our team at all levels to have best place of work.

As we are family business, family is main part of our business philosophy. 

Our co-operation with clients, suppliers and business partners dedicated towards reducing environmental impact during production of our goods and sustainable products are offered to our customers.


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